Chiari Malformation on House, M.D. this Monday!

28 04 2010

I can’t recall if I put anything in here about it or not, but on Monday, May 3rd, House, M.D. is about Chiari! Now of course it’s going to be some Hollywood-Chiari… but still! National exposure! I’m stoked!
The had a medical technical adviser on set, which was a woman who has CM. She said that not only was the cast and crew GREAT, but they did take her suggestions and input for the character. I’m super excited, and bet your ass I’m going to DVR this!




2 responses

28 04 2010

For some reason our DVR stopped recording House… but it just started again 2 weeks ago (magically!) so I’m glad I’ll be able to see this one!


28 04 2010

I wonder if that was because of the changeover on channels? Ours did something similar, but come April whatever when the changeover went through, all of our recording were just fine.


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